Australia, Italy and Poland Unite!

13 Aug

Good riddance to that hostel! Not necessarily the hostels fault, but the people are wankers. And I’m minus a towel. I had to rush to get to my train – I’d slightly overslept. But all turned out well and I even managed to pick up some donut shaped buns. They tasted terrible! One was very salty. It was a five hour trip from Krakow to Wroclaw. Slow trains in Poland!

I got off with no hostel reservation, having banked on getting tourist information help at the train station. There were heaps in Krakow – obviously this means there are none in Wroclaw. I set off in one direction and with no fuss at all I see a big ad for rooms for 29zl. Inside looks more like hotel lobby than a shit hostel, so I am hesitant. But the 29zl was true, and for a six bed dorm with nobody else inside it was fantastic! No free breakfast though. I had a big wash (they even provided free towels!) and then set off for the city. Armed with not much of a map I walked down one long street. Picked up 2 peaches – gigantic and beautiful. Had a zapiekanka, man they’re good. I found the old town square, which is like Krakow’s square except on a smaller scale and with a slower pulse. I liked it much more. A tourist trap that worked on me is the gnomes (gremlins) statues around the city. They’ve become part of the landscape and were funny too – three outside a pokies casino were playing cards and having a slap. It was getting dark – but not cause the sun was going down, but because hectic black clouds were forming. I protected myself with a Warka beer in a pub (facing a church, so still cultural). It pissed down, and my hostel is far away from the city centre. Crazily it cleared and the sun came back out. I moseyed about, checked the internet and sorted out my remaining train time table, hostel accommodation and plane tickets. Went into a downstairs pizza parlour and got the Polish menu. Flipped through and saw a picture of a kangaroo! Thought, are they selling roo meat here? Got an English menu and discovered Dreamtime pictures and Aboriginal stories of kangaroos and emu’s and dingoes and the sun. I looked around. Abo artwork was on the walls, the roof painted an Ayers rock red. I’d accidentally walked into an Australian pizza parlour in Poland! Talk about mixing cultures. Apart from the decor there was nothing Aussie about the food, except for some Australian wines. Pizza and beer for 22zl. I was in a happy mood that reached new heights when I got back to the hostel – I was still the sole person in the dorm! Was relinguishing in this until 20 minutes later a couple barged in, although they were quiet and kept the lights off. They left for dinner and then 2 girls entered – they did turn the lights on. Still, it was all over shortly and I wasn’t complaining – much better sleep than the previous nights!

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