Charmed by Wroclaw

14 Aug

What a beautiful morning – to get up at my own pace and to shake the proper slumber I’d had last night! In fact I was so overslept I need a cappacino and conceded one from Macca’s. Not the greatest but it was my first caffeine hit in a while. I then buzzed to the north of Old Town where Wroclaw has these interesting islands. Yes, islands. There are various bridges connecting them to the, uh, mainland and although it didn’t quite pull off Venice it did have a certain charm. Many old churches grew from these islands and I had a peaceful couple of hours walking about, listening to the Kooks. One church must’ve been John Paul II’s original place of worship because they had a lot of crap dedicated to him around (he was Polish). I hit up one of the malls (there’s really not that much to do here) and to my horror the shop selling my jacket didn’t stock it! Now I’m panicking and hoping that there’s a shop in Gdansk or Torun that has it. I wandered about this mall and 2 others, just windowshopping and taking in the cool climate and free toilets. One big shop I found was like a factory outlet, but as usual the sizes were triple XL or just damn ugly. I worked out how to eat lunch in one of the mall food courts – a sign said 2.40zl for 100g, and basically you stack your plate and weigh it. Good to know how much you’re eating! I got half a kilo’s worth. Also good to try a variety of things. Bought a t-shirt for 20zl – 5 euro. So cheap! Going to miss this.

Went back to the hostel and napped – yes, that’s right, you have no idea how much I love this hotel. Met 2 of the room mates – Polish girls from Torun, and they gave me the pro’s and con’s of Torun vs Poznan. Torun won out! I told them about life in Australia, and the usual cycle of a backpacker – Bondi beach and working behind a bar. For dinner I went and ate a dijon chicken wrap and fries for 13.50zl. Real good change from kebabs. I grabbed a can of beer – lots of ‘z’s and ‘w’s in the name – and went back to the hotel round midnight. The girls hadn’t been too impressed with Wroclaw, they’d been expecting more culture and excitement. But for me it turned out to be my favourite city so far. I think its because the tourist circle is there but much smaller, and you can quickly get away from it all. Feels more real, I think.

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