Sunday in Europe

16 Aug

Left the pleasantness of Wroclaw for a two hour trip to Poznan, a panicky change there, and then another two hours to Torun. Even though I arrived at 2 and would be continuing to Gdansk at 11 the next morning, I thought it best to break up the gruelling 8 hour trip. And I’m glad I have. This station turned out to be the most confusing and disorienting yet, boosted by the fact its bloody Sunday and everything is shut! Oh, but wait, the tourist information is open…until 2! Absolutely zero information and I haven’t booked in anywhere, but it’s early and my bag is light. I get lucky on my gamble and cross a bridge to old town (every damn city has its old towns). Nice view of the old buildings against the water. I moseyed about for a while, grabbed a zappiekanka because I was starved. No sign of help for a hostel…until yay I found a place giving out maps and the guy is able to show me a way! Much happiness, and the Orange Hostel is a good place. 30zl and a book swap (I picked up ‘Suttree’ by Cormac McCarthy and Wuthering Heights in exchange for Deja Dead – ha!). The girls from Wroclaw had said it would take 20 minutes to walk about and see everything, but I managed to slow things down. The summer settings were packed, seemed to be the only shops open! There was some military display going on with lots of soldiers and old school tanks and uniforms around the castles and walls. Saw the first animated male Pole yet – dressed up as a doctor recruiting young (kids) soldiers. A family friendly day. I got myself a choc-vanilla cone and later a jam donut. What? I’ve been doing enough walking! Had a quiet beer in the centre and watched the pigeons fly about. A nice town on the whole, reminds me of a far south coast sort of pace. Oh, and I found my C&A shop, so will be first in line tomorrow morning to buy my jacket before I run to the train.

Had Chinese for dinner, served by the most unenthusiastic waitress ever. I guess I was the sole person in the restaurant, and it was Sunday. Outside the sky had turned an angry black, which gave me a good excuse to retire to my hostel, can of ‘masters’ piwo (beer) in hand. Made me smile overhearing the receptionist post-answering the phone when she ranted about what the customer had asked – reminded me very much of Durras!

One Response to “Sunday in Europe”

  1. anonymous September 8, 2010 at 11:48 pm #

    must be that other caravan park at Durras……..

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