A Polish seaside resort city!

17 Aug

What a bad day for the beach. I almost turned back to the hostel twice – first for my thermal, then almost again for my jacket. This was after my filling breakfast of chocolate cereal, jam on bread and cheese and tomato and egg on bread. And two cups of coffee (which I’d literally pay for later!).

I’m in no rush today, exemplified by my hourly search for a decent kantor. They were all the same unfortunately, with the Euro buying 3,89zl, far from the hey day of 3,96! Euro must be on the slide – hopefully the Aus dollar is strengthening. I then inquired about my train to Warsaw, apparently the one I wanted doesn’t exist! Not good. What I really wanted to know was the details about the sleeper trains. I wasn’t sure if the ticket automatically paid for one or not (the website says a hazy yes) and the info chick didn’t help much. Fuck it, whatever happens I’ll just add it to my long list of experiences with sleeper trains. I didn’t book and fingers and toes are crossed that it doesn’t sell out (the lady said it’d be right).

All this talk of trains and I got on one, a frequent one that goes to Sopot. Gdansk is a tri-city with Sopot and Gydnia, and Sopot is the seaside resort one. There was definitely a ‘paradise’ atmosphere among the bars, restaurants and hotels but this was no Durras North. Workers were shovelling piles of gunky seaweed into a truck and only a handful of people were braving the water. The sand was white, however. You had to pay an entrance fee to walk along a really long pier (500m?) which wasn’t terribly fascinating. Saw some speedboats with four 350 horsepower motors attached. Whiplash much? There must’ve been some competitive yachting going on (or basketball) because tall men in either Polish or Brazilian tracksuits were hanging around some yachts. Nothing happened though. I walked up the beach, found a free toilet, yay. Walked down the beach. Went and had lunch at Captain Olsens – a Danish fish and chip fast food place. Good stuff at a cheap price. Bought a shirt on sale at Reserved for 30zl – 8 euro! Just about saw every damn thing in Sopot! Caught the train home and hunted around for a pizzeria. Noticed a sideshow alley, one stall was a giant paddle pool with huge balloons that kids could enter and roll around in. I wanted to, but didn’t. Bought 2 beers and came home. No idea what I’m going to do to fill in tomorrow! Probably have another ‘Rome’ day…

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