Polish Haircut

18 Aug

A few planned things to do today – sightseeing not being one of them. Train ticket, haircut, jacket, shorts and wallet. I think the nice hostel owner screwed up my bill and only charged me for one night instead of two, or else it’s hell cheap at 30zl for two nights (3.5 euro per night!). I’m not a nice person and didn’t say anything, instead I went over and got a cup of coffee and a bowl of chocolate cereal.

An unreserved train ticket that is essential for me to get to my flight had me more than a little stressed out. But I’d been right and the info chick wrong – there was a 2323 train, you just had to change lines at 0440. It’s scheduled to arrive in Warsaw at 0630, which I chose over the one that arrives in Warsaw at 0440. The online train schedule is second to none, as is their whole train system. I booked my ticket (58zl) then asked at the tourist desk for the nearest mall. His directions led to me a tram and from there to a fairly posh, upper class mall. However I am pretty much a king over here, so everything is affordable, especially relative to Australian prices. Browsed through every shop and found some cool buys (Bear and pull) but I had an eye on my wallet. I had a limited amount of zloty left and had to factor in some planned expenses. Didn’t want to get caught short and have to change for more. And didn’t want to get stuck with wads of Polish cash either (or coins for that matter – people will whinge when you attempt to pay for something with 50zl, even if the purchase is 25! So you need to have plenty of small notes which hence get broken into coins, as a 10 is the lowest.).

Had lunch at my vege place again – yes I know, but it was either that or other food court eateries. I walked to another mall down the road and popped my head into a hairdresser to gauge the prices. Nobody spoke English til a client piped up – she was living in England and was lovely and helpful – and I ended up getting whisked into a seat. So ensued the most agonising 45 minutes. I’m not good at describing how I want my hair cut at the best of times, and this was painful. My interpreter did her best – you want some left over the ears? – and I desperately threw in a ‘no clippers’ call, due to the perplexing male fashion of short stubbled mohawks. My hairdresser herself had half her head closely cropped. She washed my head – nice – then cut away with me ending up very Beatles-esque. Hopefully just cause it’s wet! I gratingly smiled and paid – 40zl – and left.

Had a good session at C&A, purchased my jacket and a new pair of shorts to compensate for my ripped ones. Then I went outside and read for a few hours to kill time. Back in old town a slight, irritating rain had picked up and my bag was feeling heavy. Plus I couldn’t find anywhere decent (ie cheap) to eat. Ended up conceding to a ‘Specjal’ beer and fatefully caught the last two plays of a volleyball game on TV – between Poland and Brazil, televised live in Sopot! No wonder they’d been so damn tall. Poland ended up winning in a close match. Lucky, because the crowd was 100% red and white. Somehow the time slipped by and I bought a kebab for dinner. Took a free piss (by some bushes) then waited for my train. Good bye Gdansk!

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