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Same same, nothing different

5 Jul

Daz was at work, so I was left to my own.  I had an argumentative call to a taxi company (they wanted me to leave a phone number?!) but finally got through to them and got dropped off at the Peronis towers.  Huge!  Walked around like the lost tourist that I was (had no map) and pretty much walked up and down streets.  Found a mall food court to eat at (realised I’d missed cheap Asian food very much) and did the whole wandering of air conditioned malls and such.  Nothing too new for me, but better than being inside a condo all day.  Saw a Croc shop – disgusting. 

Ate a Portugese tart to piss off Dad!  Got a taxi back home and showered off the days sweat.  Packed my gear up until Daz came home and drove me to the bus terminal.  Got to the airport with no hassles except I had to wait in line for dinner for ages, which made me scared of missing my boarding time!  But no worries, I got on fine, in between two smallish women so it wasn’t all terrible.  Didn’t have to think about getting a movie player as I was engrossed in ‘Shutter Island’ (book) and slept for 12 of the 14 hour flight.  Barely used my iPod! 

Kuala Lumpur

4 Jul

Dazza and meHad a very smug look on my face as the baggage carousel spat out my bag with all of its Asian flags stitched onto it.  Experienced traveller right here!  Smoothly found a currency converter that had the best rates – didn’t go to the first one I saw like most people.  Swapped $50 Australian into ringgits, think it was paying 4 to the dollar.  Got on a bus that took an hour to get into KL Sentral, where I found a pay phone and called Dazza up.  I stood out the front waiting for an Asian in a black car…I think a thousand passed before the right one showed up!  He was excited to see me and we went to eat some roti’s and coffee while we caught up.
“What TV shows do you guys watch in Australia?  I really don’t know what to watch without you guys.  Glee’s pretty good though.”  Darrel Lim, 2010.
Relaxed in his condo for the first half of the day, which I was happy to do because I was a bit buggered from the flight and I used his internet to find a place to stay in London.  Out side his window, monkeys played in the trees, so it wasn’t entirely dull!  In the afternoon he said he needed to go buy a washing basket from Ikea, so I tagged along.  Never in my life have I seen such a busy shop!  It was my first time at Ikea and it was impressive, but what won me over was that Daz travelled an hour in traffic and queued behind hundreds of people to walk the entire Ikea store just to get a simple washing bag that cost like 12 ringgits.  Fascinating.
Daz had to work the next day so we didn’t have a big one, instead we went to a market type area (Bintang Bukkit) and ate some food and shared a beer.  Nothing new to me – this Asian scene is all the same to me now.  Crashed in bed.