Gdansk and yet another old town

16 Aug

I was the first up in the dorm, which only had 3 other people. In no rush because the train doesn’t leave til 10:40 and I’d already seen everything Torun has to offer. I thought ahead and went to a supermarket and bought bananas, yoghurt, chocolate and water, then went to a bakery and got some pastries.

Arrived in Gdansk after 2 and was a bit confused by the station here. Hostelworld had told me there weren’t many budget hostels in the centre and my best bet was to catch a bus to the suburbs. Got to the advised stop and was clueless as to which way the hostel was because there were zero signs! Had to ask a street vendour, who was unsure but his directions led to Lucky Hostel (luckily – ha). It felt like I was being welcomed into someone’s home, with the reception being part of the living room. I landed myself a dorm completely to myself. It also comes with free internet, breakfast and I’m going to nab a book later (The Reader).

Back into town and I strutted around. Getting lost wasn’t easy, as the old town tourist bit had market stalls along every street and they all followed a well structured route. Every few stalls the products would repeat themselves – pirate souvenirs, amber jewellery (Gdansk is famous for it), Chinese toys. All the churches and statues had well and truly blended in by now and I finished my tour of Gdansk fairly early. I found the vegetarian place from Warsaw (turns out it’s a franchise) and went and had enchiladas there. Another good, solid meal. I did another lap of the old town. Because it’s on the coast there’s a few canals through the town and there’s a couple of pirate ships and floating restaurants (hence the pirate souvenirs). Also a giant old crane on the bank, with the original foundations dating back to the 1300s. A sign proudly stated it’s Europe’s largest and oldest maritime reconstruction. Really kind of clutching at straws with tourist attractions there I reckon. I managed to truly bum around til 10, when I got the bus home. I think the tourist attractions in Poland are growing lean with me.

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